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Lisa Walecki 

Lisa has been teaching private lessons for over 20 years and has a studio of over 40 students.  At times, there may be wait list to be enrolled as a full time student.

The primary purpose of lessons will be to develop the vocal talents of each student to their fullest potential.  Breath control, pitch, projection, support, tone quality, range, musicality, interpretation and stage presence will be the main focus in the student's study.  Excellence, creativity and self-esteem will be stressed so that the student may be able to pursue a career in music. 

Tuition is $90 hour for bi-weekly lessons and $80/hour for weekly lessons. Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month.  A $15 late fee will be assessed if paid after the first lesson of each month.  A one time registration fee of $30 must be paid in advance to reserve the student's place in class.

There are 2-3 Vocal Showcases per year.  The student will perform one memorized selection from their repertoire, accompanied by either piano, guitar or background track.  The recitals are not mandatory, but strongly encouraged. 

There is also one Singer/Songwriter Night per year.  This is an event where students may showcase their most recently composed songs.  Most of the students also use the night as an opportunity to promote their own music.  This show is held at a local live music venue.

Depending upon enrollment, a Broadway Review will be held each summer.  Students must audition with a one-minute monologue and song from on of the featured shows.  A dance audition may also be required.  This show is held at a local theatre/auditorium. 

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